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Visual identity

The visual identity pack of the IAM COMPACT project.

Communication and exploitation lie at the core of the IAM COMPACT project, in the form of its policy response mechanism and co-creative work structure, seeking to engage with stakeholders to guide policy-relevant research questions and evaluate outcomes. Going beyond stakeholders active in the project processes, a comprehensive communication, dissemination, and exploitation (CDE) plan is developed and followed, aiming to reach an even broader audience.

In this direction, the IAM COMPACT visual identity has been designed to support the concept of the project and includes elements and features that correspond to its topic.

Regarding the project logo, in particular, the used shapes and graphics represent the aim of the project towards a sustainable development framework, the creation of a compact platform for Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs) as well as interlinkages among models, analyses, and scenarios, and finally the opening of the ‘black box’ of scientific inputs, processes, and outputs.

The visual identity ensures a consistent, professional outreach towards the targeted audiences during the implementation of CDE activities, via the production of harmonised project templates for use by partners in all their internal and external project communication (presentations, reports and documents, publications, leaflets, etc.)

A clear and distinctive visual identity is the starting point of any activity aiming to communicate the project, disseminate its results, and maximise the exploitation of its findings.

This includes a flyer (link) to create visibility for partner countries, in both English and in sixteen languages of the consortium; a leaflet on the project objectives, methods, and expected results (link), again in English and all languages of the consortium; a poster to use as promotional material in physical/online events organised by the consortium or by relevant organisations (link); a targeted roll-up banner for policy events (link); as well as a presentation with basic information on the project, as template to be regularly updated and adapted to the right audience (link).