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Advanced Energy Systems Analysis on the EnergyPLAN model

08.03.2024 | Workshops

In the spring of 2024, IAM COMPACT partner Aalborg University hosts its annual EnergyPLAN PhD course in Denmark. The course has been conducted every year since 2005. It gives an introduction to advanced energy system analysis using the EnergyPLAN model. 

The course consists of onsite lectures taking place in Aalborg on 22-25 April and online sessions on 30 April, 7 May and 14 May 2024. Once you have completed the course, you will receive a course certificate. 

Registration and payment must be completed here before 1 April, 2024.

After the course the participants are expected to be able to understand methodologies of advanced energy system analysis and to be able to use the EnergyPLAN computer model as a tool in making energy system analysis.  

The course is conducted as a combination of lectures and computer workshops of a total of 4 days (32 hours) and assignments of a total of 6-7 days (52 hours).  Results of assignments will be presented by the participants.