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Climate Targets 2040: Bridging modelling and policy

13.09.2023 | Policy events

The EU must declare its 2040 climate targets by the beginning of 2024, as required in the European Climate Law. To inform, justify and communicate the targets, policymakers will rely on energy, climate and economic modelling of the impacts of various emission mitigation pathways. The main type of models used to assess the trade-offs related to different pathways are detailed-process Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs), contributing to IPCC and other scientific reviews. 

At this event, the panellists, which include our partner Bruegel, European policymakers and modellers involved in leading research projects on modelling climate mitigation discussed the considerations for the 2040 targets and how modelling can support policymaking in this space. Emerging challenges in the climate policy space were also discussed as well as the potential model development to respond to the changing needs of policymaking.

You can watch the discussion here.

This was an joint output of Net Zero Pathway Research through Integrated Assessment Model Advancements (PRISMA) and of European Climate and Energy Modelling Forum (ECEMF), both funded by the EU.