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Modelling approaches to support Kenya’s sustainable development

25.02.2024 | News

This course is organised and led by the Technical University of Mombasa, with contribution of trainers from the Technical University of Mombasa, Politecnico di Milano, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, the National Technical University of Athens, Strathmore University. 

It started on February 12th 2024, and will consist of approximately 23 two-hour sessions, covering multiple dimensions of sustainable development, ranging across the environmental, economic, and social spheres. It aims to provide the students with theory and practice on the use of modelling tools to analyse the interactions between climate, energy, land use, water supply and the national economy. It is structured into a series of weekly online sessions guided by teachers and related weekly home assignments. Throughout the course, the students will also work on a modelling project in groups. 

After our initial workshop in August 2023, this modelling class if part of a continuous dialogue with local stakeholders, in a demand-driven process aiming for a learning-by-doing approach, re-use of teaching and modelling material locally, and production of open-access modelling tools for Kenya. The results of this process will be documented in MS6 - Training material on concepts & tools (Feb 2024) and D6.7 - Open-access models for case-study countries (Aug 2024).