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New release of the socioeconomic projections of the SSPs (version 3.0)

26.01.2024 | News
SSP Scenario explorer

The SSP 3.0 data (Release January 2024) is the result of a widespread collaboration within the scientific community over the last two years with the objective to update the basic elements of the SSPs. This Scenario Explorer comprises new updated projections for national demographic and economic developments consistent with the narratives of all five SSPs.

This release replaces the earlier SSP GDP and population projections from 2017 (KC et al, 2017; Dellink et al 2017; Crespo Cuaresma, 2017). Further efforts are under way to provide also new updated projections for urbanization as well as further information on subnational income distributions and equity.

The new projections take into account 1) improvements in the underlying economic and demographic models (eg, improved representation of migration), and 2) are made consistent with recent national trends, for example, taking into account the effect of the COVID pandemic and other geopolitical events on socioeconomic trends. Further documentation and scientific publications are under preparation and will become available soon. 

All data is available for download at the SSP explorer.

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